DNS misconfiguration preventing discourse-setup verifying open ports


I’m setting up Discourse with DigitalOcean and I was wondering how to change the post numbers on DigitalOcean.

The reason I’m asking is because my domain name port numbers are different from what DigitalOcean was using. In the console, it says that it failed to connect through port 443 and 80, but it has to connect through port 587. Any help would be appreciated.


I think there’s some confusion here on what ports Discourse uses.

80 and 443 are for HTTP and HTTPS. You can’t change those

587 is for SMTP. Other ports may work for SMTP, but this is the default.


I am not sure to understand your problem.

If you want to change the port discourse is listening to, you have to edit the file app.yml in the containers directory.

There a few lines from top is a line that read something like 80:80 and 443:443.
The first number is the port outside the docker container, the second is the internal container port.

Change it to 587:443 for example.

Then make a
./launcher rebuild app

From the /var/discourse dir

But in digitalocean you can use whatever port you want, i have a cloud server there and no problem using 80 and 443 ports.

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So how can you use Discourse with an SMTP main service then?

587 is pretty standard for secure SMTP.

Do you have a service it’s not working with?

Sorry, I meant mail service

Better you tell us what the problem is.

In the app.yml you can configure the port used access discourse.

And you can set the smtp server,port, and user and password used to send mail from discouse.

But why do you want to change ports?

Or the problem is that mail is not working?

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The main issue is that I’m not able to setup MailJet with my domain name and digital Ocean


On MailJet, the post numbers are different from the ones Digital Ocean uses

Port 587 isn’t specific to DigitalOcean.

MailJet accepts port 587

This isn’t the problem, tell us what the problem is that you’re trying to fix.

I don’t think you’re understanding the problem, I know MailJet accepts port 587. The problem is that in the Digital Ocean console, it says that connection to the site failed when trying to connect through ports 443 and 80. Those port numbers are different, that’s why it’s not working.

Ok, that means your DNS address isn’t resolving to your droplet.

That’s resolution inbound on the FQDN you specified. You haven’t specified the DNS name here, so we can’t troubleshoot.

It doesn’t have anything to do with port 587 or Mailjet.

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Ok, so do you know a fix to this problem?

What domain name are you trying to use, and what is the droplet IP?

The domain name I bought is globalaviators.ca and the droplet ipv4 is

The DNS entry for globalaviators.ca is set to Your DNS isn’t configured correctly.

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Do you know how to configure that properly?

(I bought the domain name with namecheap if that helps)

  • Log into Namecheap
  • select ‘Domains List’ on the left hand side
  • Hit the ‘manage’ button to the right of your domain name
  • Select ‘Advanced DNS’:

  • If you can see a row that has @ and ‘URL Redirect Record’ delete it.
  • Click ‘Add New Record’ at the bottom.
  • In the first box for ‘host’ enter an @
  • In the IP address box specify
  • Click on the tick icon to the far right hand side. The finished entry should look like this:

  • Wait up to 30 minutes before re-testing for the DNS changes to propagate.

Ok, I’ll wait the 30 minutes and report back when done :+1:

DNS appears to have update:

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:	globalaviators.ca

To confirm, are you following the standard installation guide?

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That’s great news!

And yes, those are the instructions I’m following