Do discourse have "highlight topic" this feature?

For those great topic, it seems there is no way to give them an encourage such as highlight their post.

To highlight a topic in the topic list you can pin the topic to the top to the list. This is a native Discourse feature.

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I know that, however in my opinion pin is for rules of this category or something like that. For me I prefer there is a way to highlight some of the topic in list or not pin them.

Can you share a mock-up of how you envision that working?

Something like that. Color and bold the topic title and with a star… just a sample, so that user can know that this topic is highlighted and featrued.

Oh cool! You can easily accomplish that with a small theme component. First create a staff tag to denote this “highlight” state, let’s say it’s “highlight”. Then you tag the topics you want to highlight with this tag.

On the theme code you need to style it as you want let’s say:

tr.tag-highlight {
    background-color: blue;
    font-weight: bold;
    border: 3px dotted pink;

Then it looks like this:


I know how to do it in css, that sample is actually working on my discourse. I just want to know is that possible to build in this function in official? I think highlight is a pretty useful function.