Do Discourse Try accounts persist?

I know things are wiped out on in general, but does that include user accounts? Meaning, do I need to recreate my account every time I want to test something? Is there any reason SSO from Meta isn’t available to use as a log in?

Accounts do not persist, no. The “daily wipe” is actually restoration of an old backup. So everything is reset to that backup.

We intentionally do not use SSO as we’ll sometimes use try to test login related issues. We also don’t want users who only want to test something quickly to end up with a permanent account on Meta.


Makes sense. I suppose I really wanted to know if mixed SSO / non-SSO logins were a thing, so people who use meta (and aren’t testing login) could use SSO, while others could just create an account for the day.

Not possible, unfortunately. SSO is Single Sign On (emphasis on Single). When enabled, there can be no other login options. Unless we were to hook up an OAuth or similar connection to Meta, it’s not possible. Personally, I just use Google login, eliminates the need for email verification, in nice and quick.