Do I need a banner with cookies info if I don't use any analytics?

I’m not sure if I’m using this script to preserve all users/guest rights? I note that I do not use google GA or other tools.

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This isn’t something we (the Discourse community) can answer. You’ll want to consult with a legal expert in your locality to determine if this is required.


Sure no one knows anything? Good joke. Discourse site doesn’t have that banner.


There’s no joke here. As I said a few weeks ago, you’re asking a legal question. As I recently wrote in another topic:

A friendly reminder: most of us here on Meta are not lawyers. For the few users that are lawyers, they’re not your lawyer. Arnoud (from the article Richard linked) isn’t your lawyer either.

We’re happy to discuss the technical side of handling GDPR data erasure requests. We can also discuss the community management side of it. We cannot provide answers to the legal side. For that, a lawyer, specifically your lawyer, is needed. One that knows both GDPR and the specifics of your circumstances. Any information provided here is not, and must not be considered legal advice.

In that topic we were discussing GDPR data erasure, here cookie banners. But the end result is the same: you need to consult your lawyer when dealing with legal matters like this