Do user visits take into account hours?

This is really important for me. On another Discourse forum I am trying to get the devotee badge. However due to the fact I can’t log into it because of the SSO method, which gets info from the parent website, which I can’t log into at the moment because I enabled 2-factor authentication, I may break my daily visit streak. I logged in today 9 hours ago according to my profile, however I won’t be able to log in until tomorrow. And it will be past 24 hours. Does the user visit only take into account the calendar days, and not hours? Please tell me it’s the former. This is very important to me.


So as long as it’s under 48 hours I am okay?

Edit: Gmail finally let me log into my email. So I don’t really mind anymore.

At least once every 24 hours, as defined by the UTC clock.

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