Fake aficionado

I just received a notification from meta.discourse.org telling me that I’d earned the Aficionado badge for visiting 100 days in a row.

But that’s not correct. I almost never visit meta.discourse.org unless I have a particular thread or bug report to follow up on. I didn’t visit yesterday, or the day before that. I wouldn’t have visited today if I hadn’t received a notification.

I do have meta.discourse.org configured in my iOS Discourse app. I wonder if its poll for notifications was somehow mistaken for site activity?


Good point, I’m not sure but that sounds plausible to me. cc @sam


Yes this is a side effect of having the app, technically it is a sort of visit cause it ask meta for information, I guess we can add a special bypass


Yeah this is a bug. He didn’t actually visit.


We can not fix this retrospectively but I can investigate adding bypasses for user api

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Totally fine, not worried about history.

related to this: i am pretty sure i have visited meta (and a few more sites) for more than 100 days and still didn’t get this particular badge. is there any way to check this count?

You have to visit for 100 consecutive days. This is not the topic for that discussion.


I realised this was a regression I introduced in July while solving a different last_seen bug. API and User API access should not update last_seen, and therefore should not create a visit record. Should be fixed by:


Oh good news so this is only a bug from July not 2016 :wink:


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