Do we have a channel plugin already?

I need a channel plugin. Features like youtube’s channel, each user can open their own channel and post a lot of related topics on the channel. This is different from the tags. I want to know if there is such a plugin. If I need to ask someone to develop it, how much is it?

Create their own topic ? => They can. You would just have to tell them where to do it (which category).
Or a personal subcategory for them so that they can create as many topics they want in it ? => You just have to create the subcategories for them, I guess.

Or how would your idea of a “channel” work ? I’m curious (and have some troubles imagining it, I have to admit).

How is ‘channel’ in practical terms different from a user account?

You don’t need special categories, you can surely just view their activity page?

I’m just finishing up a feature upgrade to the TLP plugin to enhance the presentation and usefulness of the user activity page.

You could also look at the Follow Plugin.


Robert, if I try to think about “youtube”, as the OP refers to it, a channel would contain what the user decides goes in it. So, it is different from a user account (and the activity page), as there, you would have replies to topics or even topic created unrelated to the “channel”.

Your upgrade of the TLP plugin you linked seems more like it. Will the user have control over the filtering, or only the staff can configure it ?

EDIT: I just had a look at the preview link, seems GREAT ! :+1: (and maybe exactly what OP is looking for)

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The admin sets a tag or category. The User can decide which Topic is ‘added’. The admin can overrule as ever. But that is normal.


IMHO this sounds like moving away from a community forum to a collection of “individual” forums or “webpages” in a way. If someone is on the forum and types in a search, will that search include checking everyone’s individual “channels” as well? Some conversations will be separated from regular forum categories and topics to those individual’s own “personal” categories (channels). New users would have to navigate not just the list of categories and topics, but also an additional list of individual “channels” and what’s inside of those.

I saw where a user wanted a Discourse set up with “regional,” and 50 “state” sites - all tied together at the a “national” level (or base Discourse). Each region and state would have their “individual” Discourse set up with links back to the regional and national levels. The problem I saw with that was that the requesting party wanted all of this created for them within about 2 weeks’ time. Okay… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I think this may be what @zgzud8 is trying to accomplish with his “channels”.

All of the daily/weekly jobs run to notify users by email will have to have these new “channels” scanned for updates as well as the usual categories, topics and posts. And if a user doesn’t want to receive notifications from these new channels, then they will have to opt out of those. Or would these “channels” be omitted by the scans. Something to think about before hand.

In short, I feel like he’s asking for each user (who wants one) to have their own page with their own content, and having it all tied together within the forum platform.

That would probably be the easiest way to go about it, but I think @zgzud8 is looking at something like an individual webpage setup like a YouTube channel with lots of bells and whistles… and posting. I imagine it could be made to work, but it won’t be easy, quick or cheap.

Another way could be using Groups… a Group with the Username as a title. But then you have to deal with permissions and whatnot for each Group. I’ll think about this some more.

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I don’t know what the OP wants and how he wants it. He would have to tell us more about his idea.
But with Robert’s 'TLP solution", yes it would, as everything works as usual, and his plugin is only displaying (when you go in user’s activity => “portfolio”) all topics which are in a certain (sub)category or with a certain tag. It’s basically a glorified search (no offence to Robert :wink: ) with a nice display [All this is if I understood correctly, of course].


Tlp aproach seems correct, as the user seems to post his threads in the usual way, in a forum category.

He just tags threads that he wants to show in his portfolio. It is a selection of user activity post.

So it does not interfere with forun organization or searching.


The TLP feature is now released.