Document basic-info api endpoint

The documentation (and openapi.json) is missing /site/basic-info.json.

Trying with gives the following response:

	"logo_url": "",
	"logo_small_url": "",
	"apple_touch_icon_url": "",
	"favicon_url": "",
	"title": "Discourse Meta",
	"description": "Discussion about the next-generation open source Discourse forum software",
	"header_primary_color": "333333",
	"header_background_color": "ffffff",
	"login_required": false,
	"mobile_logo_url": ""
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I’m using the OpenAPI spec to generate a client so I was wondering when will the docs/specs be updated with the missing endpoints?

@blake I’m guessing you’re the one to tag?

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Oh cool! That was one reason we started using the OpenAPI spec for the docs.

I’ll add it this week.

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Okay, added: Discourse API Docs


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