Documentation on putting my community site in Read Only

Hello! I am looking for documentation on how to put my community site in read only. We are planning a migration and need have the site to allow login, but so that users can’t post.

I believe it is found in Admin > Backups > Enable Read-Only (screenshot attached)

Can someone point to the documentation?

Thanks in advance!

Users who are logged in can read, but new logins are not allowed when you’re in read-only mode.

I don’t know where there is any documentation.

If you are moving from hosting to something else, you need to cancel your account or ask that they change the setting to include your uploads in the backup.


Thanks @pfaffman! To confirm, the “Enable read-only” button will put the entire site in read only for all users who are logged in, but new users won’t be able to log in?

If that is the case, that should work as we moving to a new platform and the site will only need to be in read-only mode for less than 24 hours.


That is correct. Be careful with this, as it applies to all users including admins. If an admin logs out, they won’t be able to log in again to disable the read only mode, and can potentially be locked outside the forum.

If this is related to your hosted site, feel free to reach out to us if you need help.


If you only want to prevent people from posting while they still need to be able to log in, and if you’re capable of installing plugins, you might want to take a look at our prevent-posting plugin: GitHub - communiteq/discourse-prevent-posting . You can choose whether you want to allow PM’s or not, depending on your use case.


And we will be working on this for our roadmap!


See here:

and here: