Does any plugin support to add note for all topic in category or its wiki topic?


I am looking a plugin able to add note to all topic which in special category or for special using.

In a Discourse instance may have some category like #marketplace is about money,i want to warnning user beware of scams. For wiki topic i want to make user know its a wiki topic and editable for other users and more, i know that have a edit button now but not cleary enough.

Of cause user able to read the category description in everywhere like hover the category bullet or visit the description topic, but as what i said its not enough, user won’t do as what we expected. Maybe not a big deal to normal topic’s reply or post if user didn’t ever read the description but a problem for some topic about money or other important things.

Is this will be a paid job? No, i will try to make one when it doesn’t exist.

Thanks all

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Just add a staff notice?

For much exist topic and increasing topic, i dont think it’s a good solution.

If Wikis and Marketplace are only in special categories. There is a theme component called Category Banners that uses part of the about Category post in banner.

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I prefer to add note to each topic below the first post, but it’s closing to what i want, thanks.

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I added this to my Desktop CSS:

.wiki button.edit::after { content: "  Edit me, I'm a wiki post!"; color:darkgreen; }


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