+New wiki button

I’d like to create a button that will preset the new topic as a wiki (if the user has the wiki permissions). Is that possible, is there some url parameter that can be used for that?

If you want to add a button that will open the editor and allow users to create a topic and have that topic published as a wiki, then no, that’s not possible by default.

You need to create the topic first, and then make it a wiki.


Don’t know if this helps, but there is a category setting to make all topics in the category wiki by default.


Yes, that’s a nice workaround in some cases (but won’t work for me - I’d like wikis to be available in any category).

I guess we’ll need to develop a plugin.


Interesting. What’s the use case for defaulting to wiki in all categories? It is already possible to allow users to change their posts into wikis as they create them or later on. But why make all topics wikis that anyone can edit?

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No not defaulting to wiki in all categories, just if the user click the +New Wiki button (when she wants to create a howto for example). It should be also possible to create topics that are not wikis from the standard +New topic button.

The +New Wiki button will make it a little easier instead of having to now that they need to click the wrench icon.

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OK - I get it. You want to make the wiki feature easier to find. If you’re keen on that and have the resources for it, creating a plugin is the way to go.