Does anyone know how to get the Reply by email badge?

Does anyone know how to get it?

You should get an email from getting a reply. Discourse lets you reply by email by replying to the email that you received from that particular reply.


Do I click visit topic?

I said you reply to the email. If you didn’t notice the button, that’s where you click:

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After hitting reply do I just type a message and send it?

Yes (20 characters limit)

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So after I type the message just click the send button?

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Yes, it handles a response via email as if it was a response on the site.

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By any chance could it be turned off for the site? I tried responding on a few different posts but it never worked

Looking at that site they don’t have reply via email configured. Apologies, you were misled earlier.

You can tell if a site is enabled for reply by email as it will say:

The “or reply to this email” is specific to mail-enabled discourse instances.


Ahh ok thank you very much!

Yes, you go to a email notification and reply.

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