Does anyone know of any WordPress sites using Discourse?

There is very little information on how Discourse works with WordPress. Discourse merely points to a plugin and the plugin doesn’t describe itself comprehensively in terms of how it works. Therefore, I’d like to have a look at WordPress sites that use Discourse to see how and if it works for them but a quick Google search reveals none.

I am looking to a replacement for BBPress which is pretty awful because so many of its plugins are not maintained. I really want something that just works.

I am also considering VB and Vanilla but it’s not easy figuring out which will work well and look pretty. Discourse looks pretty but I have no idea how well it actually works in WordPress.

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I don’t know if this would help you too much but it might be a step in the right direction. Given what your request was its definitely not quite it but it might help.

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Our first and second partners and are Wordpress.

And is also Wordpress.


If this is what you’re looking for then the wp-discourse plugin isn’t going to really work for you. It’s meant to replace the comments section on a WordPress blog.

Discourse itself is a great bbPress replacement.


Thanks @benword but BBPress can replace the comment section on WordPress too (If that is what you meant, I think you do though I’m not entirely sure). You just whack in a wee bit of code or select it from the commenting section in the back-end of a WordPress post.

See this page/post on my website and scroll right down to where a BBPress forum for is used for commenting:

Hi and thanks @codinghorror (I love your name).

Reviewing those Wordpress sites one thing that sticks out is within the posts on those sites, the discussion feature is always taken off page and not on page as it is with Disqus or with BBPress on my site (see link in my reply to @benword. Is this because it needs to be done that way or have these sites chosen to do it that way?

I think for me it flows better when the discussion is embedded on the same page as the post/page (with the option of discovering it in the Forum section of the website too). Where this can’t or isn’t done I wonder about how this might disrupt the flow of conversation. Is there something I’m missing?

Also, something else I’m beginning to understand a wee bit is your use of Tags is much different from their use in Wordpress, or perhaps I mean more significant, because they are bloody easy to use as a criteria to search than they are in Wordpress, and I suspect that opens up a whole lot of new opportunities that I’m yet to fully comprehend and understand.

I am beginning to understand that Discourse is more than a pretty face but from the prospective of a relative eejit like me, coming from and being familiar with Wordpress I also am being to have a sense that Discourse is perhaps not as effective as it might be at promoting and explaining its cause.

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Discussion can only be embedded read only.

Discourse is a parallel discussion site for the community, not in-page comments.

@codinghorror So it can be embedded read-only on a Wordpress post/page and users can then click on it to get involved? - If this is so then it sounds doable from my perspective.

Does anyone know if I were to set up Discourse on the ‘one time install’ Digital Ocean hosting can I upgrade it to Discourse after 2 or 3 months or am I tied in to a longer term arrangement?

I think I would like to allow my community to play around with Discourse for a month or two to see how it works out but if it worked for us I would prefer the hosting plus support package.

Yes, this is covered at the bottom of the buy page.

You would need to configure the WP plugin, though, as no (non bundled) plugins are covered in the $99 one time install plan.

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@codinghorror Yeah I’m not sure if I’ll even set it up fully initially though if I do I’m sure I can manage the plugin myself.

My community are a gobby lot, bless them. If I can allow them the opportunity to play around with it and decide for themselves then they will then feel part of the decision making process and take ownership of the platform, to some extent.

I think they’re going to love it, I just hope my commercial partners do too.

How do you contact sales staff on Discourse? Any idea anyone?

It is really, really, really difficult finding the information I need to decide whether to buy Discourse or not. If NodeBB were not as bad as Discourse at selling I may have gone with them by now.

I have found dealing with Discourse as a potential customer incredibly frustrating because it doesn’t sell itself very well.

When I switched to my new website host SiteGround, I made the decision in one afternoon because they had excellent sales staff who were able and willing to answer all of my questions right away. After several days researching Discourse I have resolved maybe 75% of my queries but not all and it should never have taken me so long anyway.

I really believe that if there was a well designed forum software vendor like Discourse or NodeBB who put a wee bit of in to selling their product they would sweep up business from customers like me who are not fascinated by the technical specification on GitHub, we just want something that works and to pay somebody to take the problem away from us.

fyi you are linking to the wrong plugin. The place to get the plugin is here:

No I’m not looking for the plugin @tobiaseigen I’m am considering buying Discourse. I am certain that Github is not anywhere I ever want to be, I want to deal with sales staff not techies.

I’m not trying to be rude about GitHub but I know it’s just not the place for me.

Thanks anyway.

@WhichInv have you tried emailing Linked to from About - Discourse Meta and

I was replying to @chamunks and hoping to help folks looking for the wp-discourse plugin. I just noticed when in the WordPress dashboard searching for discourse plugins, it also sent me to a different plugin that I am not familiar with. The way to install this plugin is to download the zip from github and then upload it via the dashboard.


No I hadn’t noticed that @tobiaseigen Thanks for your feedback.

Our email address, with an invitation to email us, is on the buy page… we generally take emailed questions from people who have signed up for a trial (incidentally also possible on the buy page) a bit more seriously.

I would rather pay engineers than “sales guys”, personally.


@codinghorror I started the buying process, Page one
required me to enter the website address for a community that didn’t yet exist. I
really didn’t know what the heck I was creating here, could it be changed later
if I’d done it wrong? Maybe once you create that’s it I wondered. There was
nowhere to find out the answers. The next page was payment card details, and I
thought hang on a wee minute here, this feels like depositing a days takings by
walking up to my local Bank of Scotland, opening the door and throwing in the
cash and walking away, leaving it to the staff.

That’s what you get by your attitude that you’d rather pay
engineers than sales guys; a website that’s set up to speak to and sell to tech
geeks who love designing plugins, debating the technicalities of your software
etc, and they’re great people to have on board to progress and challenge what you’re
doing, but they’re a limited market because what you are not doing is talking
to any other type of customer.

The level on basic information Discourse supply on their products
is shockingly poor and these forums do not make up for it. You promote the features
of your product but where’s the detail? GitHub? Yes if you are a techie but no
for the rest of us.

Let me say I think your product looks beautiful but all being well i would like to have been in a position to buy it if it suited me on day one, but we’re on day six and I don’t have answers to basic questions.

Customers like me don’t care much for the technology Discourse or NodeBB are based upon, we want to know how it works for our businesses, our communities, our users and our commercial partners. What you’ve told me today is I’m not going to be taken seriously, and what really saddens me is I can’t progress any further here because if I can’t taken seriously when I’m buying a product how bad might it be when I become a customer and I’m tied in to that product and service.

When Jeff says we’d rather hire engineers than sales people he doesn’t mean that we want to create a toxic environment for potential customers. What he means is it’s far more valuable for the site and product to sell itself than for us to hire people to sell it for us.

If something about the product is not clear from the web site, then that is a problem that we should fix. Hiring a person you can call to answer the question might help you out, but if that sales person has to do it for every person who comes to the site that is not a good use of our money.

True story: There is a large company I am familiar with who at one point had 60 salespeople. As the product improved, it got to the point where sales people were just filling out forms on the web site for customers who would call. So they did something drastic: they fired the entire sales team. The company that did this is enormously successful.

I hope that makes our position clear. I absolutely don’t want to push away potential customers. I’d love to answer your questions. You can email me personally at robin dot ward at and I’ll answer everything promptly.


@eviltrout you guys have produced a beautiful product so well done for doing that, I am impressed by it, and I did go a bit earlier so apologies to @codinghorror if I offended him I didn’t intend to.

I agree with you, don’t hire 60 sales staff but I assure you you are not selling your product as well as you might, so consider hiring an experienced sales Director whose salary depends on sales. That’ll incentive him to generate sales, not needless costs.

You have a page with a set of features. it would be helpful if you could click on them and find out more or if you had a page where there was much greater detail about the product and services you offer.

The way I can best describe it is if you go in to Currys in the UK or Best Buy in the US to buy the new large screen TV, the box will list a set of features. You may buy from that but many, maybe most people would read reviews on the internet or in home cinema magazine before buying, that delves in to the detail. I just think the detail is missing from your beautiful product.

I’ll send you an email. Thanks