Help me understand the possibilities for using Discourse as a replacement for BBPress in a WP site with memberships

I’m having trouble understanding if I can use the WP-Discourse plugin as a way replace our BBpress forum with Discourse and be able to manage users through our Wordpress member management tool.

So, we’d want it to work like this: you sign into our site. if you have the membership level that includes the forum, you’d be able to access it without having to login again.

Is this possible/easy to do?

There seems to be a lot of confusion as to whether the WP integration is just for comments or also as a forum replacement. Thanks!

Hi Jesse_Starr2 welcome to the forum

First, a disclaimer, I have no experience whatsoever with integrating WordPress and Discourse.
But several members here do.

AFAIK Discourse is not a “comment” replacement.
It is possible to send WordPress posts to Discourse and it is possible to display posts in WordPress, but user activity happens in one or the other. This means if you want the two to have similar design, it may take some work.

Be aware that WordPress is PHP. and Discourse is Ruby. This means some server setup will be involved.

Perhaps the best place to start in deciding whether or not Discourse would be a good replacement for bbPress for you would be for you to detail

  • what you do like about WordPress with bbPress
  • what you do not like about WordPress with bbPress

It’s possible, but it requires a bit of work to set it up. Which membership plugin are you using?

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Thank you for trying to help! So, I’m not trying to integrate posts or comments in anyway. I just want to use Discourse as a forum replacement but not require our members to login again to access Discourse

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We use Memberium. Thanks.

Discourse is a great replacement for bbpress. It can also replace Wordpress’s commenting system, but that’s not really what you are asking about.

I have not worked with memberium, but have helped people integrate membermouse (if memory serves). You can probably get memberium to do API calls to update Discourse groups when people enter or leave the group.

There is an importer for bbpress, so you can pull the data over.