Does anyone know of any WordPress sites using Discourse?

We have many, many customers signing up without any issues, so maybe there is something exceptional about your situation.

Always open to website improvements but I am unclear what that would be based on this feedback.

No bother. I’ve emailed your colleague @eviltrout and we’ll chat on Monday.


Does wp-discourse let me use my existing discourse site for my (new) wordpress discussion?

I’ve installed the plugin in Wordpress, but don’t see how to configure it. Clicking on edit just lets me edit the source.

Do I have to have SSO and have WP handle users? Is that why I can’t figure out how to configure it?

I’m using Discourse as my primary site, but would like to add a blog and have people be able to comment on the blog posts using discourse.

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Of course!

Settings > Discourse


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Hooray! Thanks very much.

I’m not sure why I didn’t think to look there. At least some other plugins have a “settings” link on the plugins page; maybe that’s it. It’s obvious now that I see it. :smile:

Discourse is more set-and-forget than many of the plugins that inhabit the sidebar.

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Another topic by @renai (How to embed whole forum in another site) provides a nice example from @HAWK.

Both of these topics were helpful to me, so I thought linking them might be useful. I’ve also started a related topic about WordPress themes designed specifically for Discourse.

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I was just thinking of doing this myself for my blog, but I opted to stick with the relatively buggy Disqus. I think it’s just because of the size of my blog which isn’t too high in volume anyway. It’s not like @codinghorror super awesome website which has a lot of comments over the years.

If you want to see how buggy Disqus is you can go to any one of my blog posts and find that it can sometimes show links to old posts that no longer exist. And if you go to Disqus Conversations - Trajano which is the forum site it looks totally screwed up there.

I personally have given up on getting Disqus to fix these issues for now, because as buggy as they are it’s still the best one I found for small volume sites that want to have a way of making themselves static (my Wordpress site is pregenerated so it loads up VERY fast off a Raspberry Pi)

Anyway, just giving you some food for thought as an alternative. If I had a large enough community AND I want to actually manage the comment data (i.e. backup etc) AND users, then Discourse would likely be the choice I would go for too. Like I said the scale of my site is much smaller and I really don’t like dealing with user accounts.


I noticed that on two of these sites there is no coherence in terms of theme/page design between the meta forum and the blog. When you click from the blog to the forum it’s like going to a different website and in all three of them there is not even a link back (in boingboing it’s the other way around). Are there any specific reason for this?

The reason I’m asking is that I have a similar setup and would like to achieve a coherent look and feel so that it is clear to the user that the forum and the wp site are “one thing”. But if these three pioneer sites don’t have it, maybe this is rather complicated to achieve? In that case, I would not waste my time trying to figure it out…

It depends if you set up a shared topnav element in Admin, Customize, HTML – take a look at for an example of shared topnav.

Check out feverbee and their discourse site.

But yeah, you have to bother to theme both sites the same. It’s not complicated, but you do have to configure both sites, which, as you point out, some folks don’t want to fool with.


I am not a developer and have so far gotten around working with CSS any more than copying and pasting prefabricated CSS snippets here and there. (My basic understanding of HTML stems from a course I took in HTML 3 or 4 in 1996 where we were told at the end of the course something like: “… and if you want to take it to the next level, you can define all of these tags in a separate file called CSS and then just refer to those definitions.”) So, in order to understand what it would mean to try and build a shared top nav, could you explain in basic terms what needs to be accomplished and what the potential pitfalls are, e.g. when it comes to choosing the right WP theme for this?

Thinking out aloud to indicate how far my understanding reaches:
Assuming that a “shared topnav” is truly shared (and not two copies of the same code) so that changes only need to be made once, who takes care of that topnav, WP or discourse. Assuming that it would be WP, I guess that means that discourse would be embedded in an IFRAME (or something like that) on my WP page, right? If that is so then I would see a need for discourse to be somehow are of that it’s running in an IFRAME. Or maybe not?

I have no idea what kind of changes would need to be made in Admin, Customize, HTML but when I checked it out I saw that there is also a section for “Embedding” which might relate to the IFRAME thing above. But it only says that I should “begin by adding its host”, but I was unable to find any documentation of what happens next. (Yes, knowing that Discourse is supposed to explain things when you need to know, I did try filling in a host but what came next just made me wonder whether this is just about embedding comments but not the entire forum.

Maybe the essence of all this is that a decent discourse - WP integration is not feasible for a beginner, but that’s just what I’m trying to figure out…

They’re not. They are built very differently.

One is a native WP menu and the other is customised Discourse.

You can find out how I did it at FeverBee in this post. Feel free to ask questions.

It is to a limited degree. You will be able to get a fairly good aesthetic match. You won’t be able to do the level of integration (pulling Discourse posts onto the WP homepage) that we have, but you probably don’t need to.


I like how the integration works and that you can even only show the comments that were marked as ‘best’ under the blog.

The last thing missing is direct commenting under the blog… Is this a feature still under consideration?

It won’t be added to the wp-discourse plugin. The goal of the plugin is to get people onto the Discourse forum for discussing the post. It could be added through a plugin that extends wp-discourse. I can make a plugin that does that if someone wants to pay me for the work.


My Wordpress posts are auto-publishing on my discourse forum. Since I am using discourse with wordpress I did not notice any eye caching ranking change. But it’s ok. Forum looks better. :slight_smile:

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I use a custom plugin that does precisely that: Marathon de Rennes, acte 4 - (see the bottom of the page)
You can post as a logged-in user or as a guest.

Also, Numerama (another French website) has a pretty neat similar solution that let users post discourse comments from their website:

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