Does anyone use chat on their site?

Have a look at Discourse Gifs


@MOIN do you know if Discourse Gifs works natively with Chat or is it topic only? I can see the gif button in the topic editor but not in the chat…Do I need to tweek a setting?

I don’t think so. I see the button in both places after installing the component and adding the api key.


It took a few minutes but it showed up. Thank you.

If this is a normal use-case (no public channels but chat enabled for private chat), then there should almost certainly be some kind of super-clear message stating e.g. “There are no public channels at the moment. You can only initiate a chat directly with other members.” Saying “you have not joined any channels yet” if there are none to join is needlessly confusing, isn’t it?


That’s what triggered this whole thread… I was confused af.

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