Does Discourse offer anything similar to WordPress custom taxonomy?

Hi, is there any way to create custom taxonomies (or anything related) in Discourse similarly to how WordPress handles custom taxonomies? I’ve looked at custom fields for categories/tags, but not sure if that would fix the problem I’m trying to solve.

If the answer is no, does Discourse have a limit on how many tags you can have in a tag group? If no limit, does a high number of tags cause any performance issues?

Thanks for your advice.

Hey Viktor,

Can you explain the problem you’re trying to solve?


Hi Stephen,

We’re building a directory where developers can list their plugins/themes for ClassicPress (fork of WordPress). What I would like to do is have each plugin/theme have a dedicated “space” in the forum, so any topics assigned to that plugin/theme can be easily found with a direct link. Just like a tag page.

WordPress does it on their forums with dedicated sub-forums for plugins. For example:

The tag does serve this purpose, but I don’t know how scalable a tag group can be if we have hundreds/thousands of tags inside it. How well would the tag search work with thousands of tags?

Thank you!

EDIT: Another example is Discourse official plugins here, for example:

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Anyone got any feedback? Point in the right direction?