WP discourse - can it create multiple discourse posts under one blog post?

So it’s a little different than the usual WP integration where one post is created with the blog title and then all comments go into the discourse post. I want multiple discourse posts under one Wordpress post.

So if the Wordpress blog post is about a BMW car. The discourse posts underneath could be “What’s the best oil for this BMW” and another “I’m having an issue with my transmission”

All these posts would be automatically tagged as BMW and be in the BMW category or tag in Wordpress.

How can I make this happen? Thanks for any help.

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Out of the box you can’t. And system, where one WordPress post links to several different topics in Discourse sounds like interestingly difficult to use in practise. To code one is quite easy, though — but you are asking in wrong forum :wink:

Sure, it can be done. All we need, for example, first tell at WordPress if there is #BMW a plugin should show links to URLs A and B in posts using that tag (that’s why this is not Discourse-dependent question).

Showing two or more discussions/full topics under one WordPress-post would be… not-so-user-friendly.

Discourse comes along when there is need to do automatic tagging. WP-Discourse should adopt tags of WordPress-post and use those in Discourse’s side.

What so ever, this topic should move to feature.

(OT, but this is now second time my iPad/Hub doesn’t offer automatic list when I start write #…)

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Thank you for taking the time to respond. You got me thinking. Now I am wondering if the best solution would maybe be to offer both… a comment like solution for a post and then a start a new topic feature underneath. It would work almost like Suggested Topics.

Here is my initial concept:

I’m thinking something along the lines of a business directory. So let’s say a blog post is really a detailed profile for a painter… their specialties, pricing, area of service. A classic comment section would just get too busy and unorganized. Instead I want people to start a new topic “Can you do Venetian Plaster finishes?” … another topic “Do you do touch up work?” another topic… “John made our home beatiful… check out our after pictures.”

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

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