Does discourse support multiple national languages?

Our company has worldwide customers, and we’d like to use discourse to set up a Q&A forum, does the frontend support multiple national languages? such as English, Chinese, etc.

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Yes it supports a host of other languages. When you get your Discourse change this site setting: allow user locale this way, when the user goes to their preferences -> Interface they can change the language.

See this post to explain how to get there as a normal user:


See in the interface section to select your language.


Thanks, that’s good news for me. the i18n is a key feature I need :slight_smile:

However this settings is not easy to discover when I first use Discourse, I suggest this can be put in outer layer so that it would be friendly for non-English users.

Imagin that a non-English user first visit this site, and user would like to switch language quickly, however he/she need so many steps to change, that would be painful.

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