International language support

Hi forum members,

On the Discourse website, it states that translations are available for 17 languages and counting. Users can switch to the language of their choice as a preference.

In our scenario, we would not like to translate content, but would like to run a forum directly in an international language (i.e. Spanish, French, German etc.). Is it possible for the Discourse UI to be in a non-English language so that viewers and posters can type in their native language? Also, will all the button and links be available in the native language vs. in English?

Thanks for the help!

Yes - this is possible. :slight_smile: Just set up the locale. Here’s what this looks like on the admin settings of my discourse.


As @tobiaseigen said you can set a default language and then let users set their own preferred language :wink:

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Thanks a lot, that’s really helpful to know.