Does icon font awesome work?

trying to implement according to the guide but I can’t manage

fo example:

I type the tag here and here but unfortunately it doesn’t work. I turned the component correctly
Screenshot from 2020-01-07 16-13-04 Screenshot from 2020-01-07 16-10-50

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The correct syntax should be only fab-adobe, however I think the problem is only that the Adobe icon has been added from the version 5.6 of Fontawesome and we are still at the 5.5 version.

@pmusaraj can you confirm?


We are on Font Awesome 5.11.2, the adobe icon should work if you use fab-adobe in both settings.



So the correct syntax is tag1,fab-adobe in the tag icon list and fab-adobe in the svg icon theme settings.

Since this component already has the setting svg icon you can skip the svg icon subnet site setting step.