Don't show pinned topics as 'latest' in category view

We have a pretty active community. We also choose to show the category listing as the front page.

We also have several pinned posts that we would like to keep but not show on the front page. Much like Latest doesn’t show pinned posts, is there any way to not show pinned posts in the category view? Screenshot attached. All of the annotated parts of the screenshot have much fresher content that is hidden away by those pinned posts.

I’d love any help on overcoming this. We love the layout; just not this particular handling of summarized content.


Agree, we should change this imo, or at least make it optional.

Also, since sub cats are all the same color in your design I would hide that bar via css

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Thanks for the recommendation @sam!

Before even that, I recommend showing many more topics there. Right now you are only showing 4, you should change it to 5, 6, or 7.

Look for category featured topics in site settings.

(I’d also really recommend not having too many pinned topics, try to limit to 2 or 3 at most, they are not friendly for users. @sam we still need to add a UI warning here when people create too many pinned topics.)


We do try to minimize the number of pinned topics; unfortunately the ones we have there we do need. Playing with that setting now, thank you! And definitely would appreciate a way to not show those pinned topics in that listing at all.

Update per:

We no longer treat sub-category pins in any special way on parent category, so only pinned topics there will be pinned at parent category.

Should I close this @lisajill ?


@sam - we haven’t yet updated the latest; please do go ahead and close it, I’ll make a new post if needed. Thank you!