Double but offset lines in edit box

I’ve noticed the edit box in the dark theme has an extra set of outlines. The top line is slightly below the first. On the right it is definitely off to the side. The left and bottom lines appear as thicker lines.

It doesn’t affect editing or anything. It was just noticeable. Checking other themes this “shadow” box doesn’t appear. So its just the dark theme.

Anyone else see this?

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on meta is looks fine

Yes, I’m using dark mode here as well and it’s fine. I noticed it on 21 Sep when I took the screen shot and since it wasn’t affecting anything there wasn’t a rush to mention it.

activated dark mode on one of my sites. Discourse d19a64fffe

Thanks, Gavin. Then it’s just on my site. It was updated 2 days ago, but the skewed edit box is still there. It must have began on the 20th or 21st during an update around that time.

try safe mode and see if it is still there

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I’ll have to check this later on tonight. I always forgot about safe mode. Thank you.

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