Edit icon not activating after edits

I believe this is a bug. Settings are default. In a testing thread for Mods in training who were being briefed on the checking of user edits to posts we ran into an odd situation. The icon that generally shows when a topic is edited did not appear in certain posts even when the threads were edited. The thread is unlisted, and neither user is a mod yet.

Does the issue still occur if you enter safe-mode and visit those topics?

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No change. There’s still no pencil / edit icon on the post, although they were edited. Other posts on this same thread show their edits as normal. Could the similar wording of the edit be doing this? Or perhaps becaue they were close together?

I can see what looks like a revision number in your screenshots - though the positioning is a bit off from the defaults.

This probably means that the edits are there and you’re just missing the icon.

Can you post a link to a public topic on your site that has the issue?

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Thanks for that @Kat_F

It turns out that the number I saw here

has nothing to do with issue you mentioned. It’s just the post-number that’s added in your theme.

Moving on, do the edits to this post

match the text?

Edited 1min

Edited 15min

Edited 1 hour

If so, then we can investigate a bit more.

If not, then are you aware of the editing_grace_period site setting?

It defaults to 5 minutes, which means that edits made within 5 minutes of posting won’t trigger a revision - an increase in post edit history.

In other words, if you edit a post within 5 minutes of posting it - by default - then a post revision - edit - won’t be created.

That’s the default in Discourse unless you change that setting on your site - which I understand might not be the case since you mentioned that

but can you check just in case?



Yes, I will. Be right back with you.

The grace period was set to default. However, we found that some other settings were not. By fiddling and resetting a bit, we now have it working properly. So, it was people messing about where they shouldn’t and not a bug at all.

I will remember safe mode, it will be helpful, so it was not a complete loss.

Many thanks for your time.