Download remote images from older posts?


I’ve imported a phpbb forum a while ago.
I think I didn’t set the option to download the remote images during the importation since older posts have embedded images with external links.

I would like to download all these images from older posts.

Is there a command to do this? I have about 150000 posts to be parsed.


Any advice here @vinothkannans or @gerhard?

  • Enable “download remote images to local” site setting.
  • Set “download remote images max days old” site setting’s value to 3650 (for 10 years).
  • Increase the value of “rebake old posts count” site setting to “300”. To increase it more than 300 you should adjust the global rate limiter setting “max_old_rebakes_per_15_minutes” too.
  • And set the “baked_version” of old posts to “NULL” in rails console.
    ./launcher enter app
    rails c
    > Post.update_all(baked_version: nil)   # or Post.created_since(N.days.ago).update_all(baked_version: nil)

Now all the remote images in old posts will get downloaded automatically in the speed of 300 posts per 15 minutes.


Quick question: why is it necessary to do this:

Post.update_all(baked_version: nil) 

If I set download remote images max days old to 20 years?

That will initiate slow rebake on all posts because system will detect it needs to rebake posts to new version…

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But I saw a post from 2010 which contained a remote image, I didn’t change anything but download remote images max days old setting, and the remote image was automatically downloaded after a few minutes.

The very old post was indeed edited by system in order to download the remote image.

edit : over the night, other old images have been automatically downloaded, which is nice, but I definitively don’t undestand the update_all(baked_version: nil) part then.

I applied that script but I’m if there is a major impact on performance and serveur room ?

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