Downloading points

In the forum, sometimes we we have to upload files for downloading. I wonder why there is no downloading points system in Discourse. You see in almost every forum, downloading files should have to pay something, like downloading points.

You mean similar to this plugin?


No. It’s not some group that can download files without limits, but any group should have the permission to download, with downloading points. Eg, if you have 10 points, so you can download 10 files, not any more. If your files are downloaded, then you earn 1 point, etc.

Any one should have the downloading permission, but no one can download infinitely.

This sounds like it is better for plugin territory, as it sounds like a very specific use-case.


Yeah, with the current cloud hosting offerings that can run Discourse, most of them don’t have you paying for bandwidth, so unlimited downloading of files isn’t really a problem.

Also the fact that images and attachments are stored in the same manner…

The Biggest deal that we need a points system is not really for downloading files, but a reward system that can make people feel addicted to the forum.

I believe a forum is easily dead, if we can’t find a good way of solving such problem.

I don’t know how it can be done. Maybe downloading points system is a good solvement, but well, Who Knows?

And other good advices?