Downvoting - topics and posts

I’m looking for a plugin to enable up/down voting of topics, similar to SO answers, and have just discovered this one. Apparently there’s no downvoting?

I’ve trued to educate myself about the reasons for not implementing downvoting, but those topics were deleted.

Regardless of the reasons discussed so far, it can be imagined that some communities would prefer both upvoting and downvoting, both for topics and posts. Reddit shows that feature is widely used.

How can downvoting be dome at the moment in Discourse?

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would this work for you? Retort - a reaction-style plugin for Discourse

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Indeed, but if you click the search at the bottom of your missing topic, the first one says

And it’s an oft-cited example of why it’s a bad idea.

I think the team has made their position on this topic crystal clear, which should be dismissed just because it doesn’t align with your own perceived needs.

The only way you’re going to get downvotes is if you build it.

Well, there will be soon be an official retort / react style plugin where you can react to posts with any emoji, or a specific predefined set of emoji. So you could

  • hide all the like UI elements via CSS (this is possible, I know one Discourse instance that does it)
  • install the official react plugin and only whitelist the up or down thumb emoji reactions

But as far as project goals and philosophy, we at Discourse are ideologically opposed to downvoting / dislikes – and I don’t see that ever changing. If downvoting is a hard requirement, you should look for different free / open source software that meets your specific requirement.


Yes. We are about to release a new plugin, kindly sponsored by an awesome enterprise customer of us, that enables you to pick between a limited set of emojis to react on posts. They even integrate tightly with our like system, so it also solves that for @dandv use case. Stay tuned!


Hi! Was this plugin released? If so, could you point me to the right place? Thank you!


Not yet. We are reworking it right now and should have something in some weeks.


I don’t want to assume, so will this be available to the customers on Fee Hosting for Open Source v2?