Are there Upvotes/Downvotes, Score for the Posts?

I’m thinking about something like the Votes table in the SO schema and the score field in the Posts table.


No, but there are likes… :wink:

Downvoting has been discussed a few times, but it’s believed that the risk for abuse is greater than any potential benefit. If something is merely “meh”, there’s no harm in letting it stay as it’ll quickly get replaced by new or more active topics; and if it’s actually offensive, it needs moderation attention and should get flagged.

(Actually, you could think of flags as Discourse’s downvotes; if enough members flag a post, it’ll get hidden automatically even without moderator intervention.)


Downvoting also creates a negative reward if the intention of a post was to be negative, or at least be the dissident of a group. And as @elberet mentioned, there are other abuse factors. Sure, they could possibly be reverted with a button-click but it also impacts the community mentality and overall ‘sense of self’ after the fact.

If a user doesn’t get a single ‘like’ then they won’t advance to higher trust levels.


Likes are not enough at all. Move up or down by voting is very important feature.


There is a plugin for that. Discourse Voting


I tried, really a good voting tool. But still not the one I asked for.

You see quora, zhihu, and some bugfix sites. People ask a question in the very first place and have many answers. People vote on the answers and then the most voted answer will be listed first as the best answer.

And this is a voting for the whole topic. Actually, I’m wondering why people want to vote for a whole topic?

And, I found it won’t move up or down the topics if such topic have more votes.

Actually, I think this is a better plugin

Ok, well, if that does not meet your needs you are free to choose a different free open source software that does.