Draft entries in table upload_references doesn't get removed. Points to non-existant drafts

I’m referencing to this thread, because this seems to be a bug.
I will try to explain as simple as I can in my understanding:

Every time a post (containing uploads - images, files etc.) is being edited or being newly created, there is a new entry created in upload_references table with target_type - Draft (which seems correct, because at that time it is a Draft and it contains a upload).
Also a new entry in the table drafts is created at that time - also seems normal.

BUT… after post being finished editing or finished creating, the specific entry in upload_references should be either removed or it’s target_type changed to Post (because it is no longer a Draft).

Entry in table drafts gets removed. Entry in table upload_references doesn’t!

The result is upload_references table growing with tons of references to non-existing drafts.
Also this prevents uploads to get cleaned and orphan files getting purged, which leads to illegal hosting/rapidly growing uploads folder etc.

The issue is there since I installed the forum (3.3.0.beta1-dev) and I had no plugins installed at that time. I can provide any information necessary.