Drop in new pageviews from logged in users since June?

I’m seeing a drop in the number of logged in users across a number of forums starting in June (~v3.1.0.beta5). Anyone else seeing this behavior?

Forum A

Forum B

Forum C

Forum D

myserver.com/admin/reports/page_view_logged_in_reqs?chart_grouping=monthly&end_date=2023-09-30&mode=chart&start_date=2023-02-01 is the URL, if you want to compare.

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We had a couple of bugs affecting pageview counts for logged-in users, which were ultimately fixed in the late part of August. The numbers of September you have are the correct ones, by our specific definition of what a “pageview” is.


Thanks @yanokwa for the comparisons!

Thanks @Falco, would you please explain further:

  1. If the correct views are from September, does that mean all the previous counts are incorrect?
  1. So if I understand that correctly, the page views from September are based on the above definition. May I ask what the previous values represented? Is there a way to get the accurate values back?

Thank you!

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