What is `Logged In` in `API requests`?

(Tenzan) #1


My new brand installed Discourse site has only 3 users registered.

In Dashboard>API Requests> Logged In it shows up 213 for Today.

What does this number mean? I know for sure there max 2 users logged in.

(Kane York) #2

That’s a pretty reasonable number. That means that one (or both) of you did a lot of browsing around. Basically each click + each 20-post chunk of a topic counts as 1 in there.

(Tenzan) #3

I see.
So it counts clicks as logins…

(Kane York) #4

No, no. The whole table is counting clicks. That’s just the “logged in users” bucket, as opposed to the “anonymous” and “crawlers” buckets.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Reminder I want to change this to page views now that we have confidence in the numbers.

(Jeff Atwood) #7

Ok this is done, the copy was changed to Pageviews from API Requests now that we’ve had a fair bit of time to verify these numbers and feel confident about them.