Dropdown Fields placeholder on signup page clashes with (select an option) text on mobile

I’ve just gone to test our signup process via mobile in anticipation of a large number of signups this week.

On mobile, field name on dropdown fields is displayed over the top of the (select an option) text:

I think that it is meant to be placed several pixels higher to get it out of the way like this:


Unfortunately, this also obscures the options that the user selects, making signup via mobile a very awkward experience when you have several user-custom-fields.

This is the same with all themes/components turned off.

Here is a CSS patch which has got me through:

// temporary fix of dropdown and multiselect labes
.create-account #login-form .input-group .user-field.dropdown label.control-label.alt-placeholder {
.create-account #login-form .input-group .user-field.multiselect label.control-label.alt-placeholder {
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