Dump posts as emails

Some users like to archive all the received email on their own system if they use the email service. I have a user whose service was interrupted for some considerable time. They asked if I could send all the emails from the gap. I said no, it’s not supported, and Discourse is really a web forum with a mailing list in parallel on the side only.

Having said that, is there a way to dump out all topics in a given date range by mail to a given user? Or, how to dump out all the topics to a file, and then I could postprocess them with a simple script to send out?

Hey Andrew :slight_smile:

You’re right, there’s no such feature out-of-the-shelf.

The only thing that comes to my mind is using Data Explorer to return all the topics ID/slugs between two dates and use this data to do whatever you need.

Would such a solution fit your need?

@Canapin a good suggestion. Thank you.

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