Duplicate 'Names'

I posted this query a few days ago, but it has been deleted for some reason - so apologies in advance.

After a recent Discourse update, my posts are showing the ‘Name’ of a poster twice.

Please see this live example - Schneider Electric products win six prestigious iF DESIGN AWARDS - News - BCW

Screenshot also attached.

I believe this is a database problem???

I am not a developer so can’t created scripts etc. Can anyone provide any help to sort this please?

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Not sure if it’s the best/correct way to do it, but I ‘disabled names’ in admin and it sorted the problem


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I think it was deleted because it was not directly Discourse related. I discussed with your colleague Ravi via direct message about how to fix this though I didn’t have any follow up.
It can probably be fixed with a short rails script that will compare names and usernames and split name if needed.

Were these users imported? If they were how did you import them?

Since this topic may also be meant to be deleted, I’ll send you a direct message too.

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I suspect that you have the name duplicated in the name field.

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Don’t know really. It was fine, then it wasn’t. Nothing changed my end - hundreds of user names just appeared twice on my site. I can only assume it was due to a Discourse update.

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We run many hundreds of Discourse instances, all updated very frequently. Meta is also visited by many people running Discourse independently. You are the only one reporting duplicated names, which means this is caused by unique circumstances on your instance.


I wonder if the original topic was also deleted because people are asking questions to try to diagnose the problem and suggest a probable solution but you don’t give a direct answer here. So the topic becomes a lot less useful for anyone else with the same problem because the current situation is not clarified and the underlying cause never gets identified.

For example:


If you look at the user profile pages is the name duplicated? Does the problem persist in safe mode?


Apologies @Remah, I thought I had explained how I sorted the problem.

Replying to @canapin, no I haven’t imported any users, I have done nothing apart from update Discourse.


We’re interested in what caused it. You probably still have a problem with your user data. If so then you’ve just suppressed its display.

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Hey @Remah

They’re running some highly customised set of once off plugins and any one of those may have caused this.