Usernames getting modified – numeral "1" being added

I run a Discourse instance and WordPress site, using the Discourse SSO plugin (which is awesome).

Recently, two (out of 50+) had 1 appended to their usernames in Discourse. Their usernames on the WordPress site remains unchanged.

I tried to manually edit their usernames back in Discourse, but encountered the error message Username must be unique. However, the username (without the 1 appended) is unique.

Is this a known issue? Is there a workaround for this problem?

Happy to provide whatever other info would be useful for debugging.

Do you have any groups with names equal to the usernames? Group names and usernames share the same namespace


Ah, yes!

So will Discourse let you create a group with the name of an existing user, and append 1 to the username, rather than saying “Sorry, you can’t use that group name” when attempting to create the group?

No, you will get “Group name is not available”.

We had a bug with the validation a few months ago, which might be why you ended up with this situation. The bug is now fixed, so it shouldn’t happen in the future.


Cool, thank you @david

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