Duplicate pages?

Hi all,
Just doing some housekeeping on my instance.

Each category page appears to have an associated blank page/URL. For example:

I’m not sure how to delete the associated blank page. Any ideas?


The second link (with the page=1) represents “the second page of results” intended for non-javascript browsing and is generated dynamically, it’s not a standalone page.

Compare with e.g. https://www.secopshub.com/c/threat-hunting?no_subcategories=false&page=0

How did you come across it?

Thanks for the explanation! I came across it during an audit of my instance. It sounds like there is a functional reason behind the (seemingly) duplicate pages so SEO won’t be affected.

Thanks again,

They’re not duplicate pages - once you have more than one (non-JS) page of topics for that category, they will start showing up on that second page.