Dynamic sidebar plugin

I’m also on beta 4, it does not seems to work either. Although I can still enter the admin. The button has some strange test [en.undefined]. Nothing show up on main screen at all…

Hey guys,

It’s a bit of a hack, but we did manage to get the sidebar working somewhat…

First, in my CSS page (admin/configure/CSS) I re-positioned the sidebar:

.sidebar {
position: absolute;
top: 199px;
right: 0px;
width: 25%;

Next I created a div (#crew) and positioned it relative (also on the main CSS sheet)

#crew {
position: relative;


Finally I went to the sidebar and created the actual #crew div (which had a table, background, etc.). The sidebar appears where I positioned it, although it will show up there on EVERY page - to hide it on a specific page you would need to do something like:

.category-24 #crew {

To hide it on all pages the only way I could find to do this was to hide it on every single board one-by-one, so I created some 50 copies of the above code each with a different number to cover everything.

Hopefully this helps… we couldn’t wait for the proper fix, but i’d advise waiting if you can - if not at least this is something of an option…

Is this the main CSS sheet place that you mention? i’m just really new to discourse.

That’s the one. I should add that this does nothing for the width issue (we had other CSS that affected the width so that didn’t occur for us) but it shouldn’t be too hard to CSS the main table back into place. I’ll look up our code when i’m back in the office if someone needs me to.

EDIT: You’ll also need to adjust the positioning based on your own page - adjust the number next to “top” to move it up and down, and “right” to move it left (you can go negative) and right.

Does anyone tested this with the latest Discourse version 1.3?

It’s still working for us with the fix I mentioned above.

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Compiler said: Error: Unclosed element `div` (on line 18).
(in /var/www/discourse/plugins/plugin_discourse_dynamic_sidebar/assets/javascrbarber-0.9.0/lib/barber/precompiler.rb:25:in `rescue in compile'

Error bootloading

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Made wiki, flagged as broken in the op,

Will be removed from plugin category in 2 weeks unless fixed

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How does this plugin work with mobile? Seems pretty cool, but just curious (since it doesn’t seem to be operational right now I can’t actually check).

I build discourse on bitnami. Any guys can be help me install this plugin?

Not an issue with the plugin but with the that caused an issue with the plugin.

sidebar not show when user logined. Pls help me.

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The content for the side bar isn’t working properly for me.

The box is a one-liner instead of text area. The twitter widget I put in there does not display properly, just shows the first line.

I’ve just revisited the status of this plugin from this topic:


The plugin works for us in Discourse 1.5 (thanks to the PR from @zogstrip) but it seems it only shows basic html as @zajako said, and yes, the box is one-liner.

This plugin was released by our organization (Tc) via paying a developer team (@Daniel_Fernandez_Pes) to serve a specific project but we were not able to continue it with latest releases of Discourse (no time nor budget enough) so PRs are welcome to solve these issues (it’s GPL license) :smile:

In mobile it doesn’t show the sidebar.


It works with the latest version of Discourse?

Hi @Roxelle
Last time we tested (a week ago) it worked fine with a fresh install, but we have to warn about some conflicts with poll and tag plugins reported some days ago.

Is this plugin still working ?

I would also like to know if the plugin still works?

I’ve just tried on a fresh install and it works on the very latest version:

But, be careful, as we say in the repo it could have conflicts with other plugins.

This plugin was developed to solve one specific use case, but we could not mantain it for so long time with all the changes that a great project Discourse is, this software advances so fast! :slight_smile:

But the plugin is open to PRs or forks if someone is interested, it exist another sidebar plugin project by the way!


currently the sidebar and the category page do not feet, as it makes a noisy page.

is it possible to remove it and the corresponding setting from the category page?