Dynamic sidebar plugin

  • the sidebar content filed is a small field for strings and not like the image shown in the main topic. and it makes it hard to work with the code in sidebar simply. is it possible to change the field type?

  • are there any use-cases & examples for this sidebar plugin? I’d like to see how others used the plugin.
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It seems that one can’t use javascript code as the sidebar content. is that so?

When I put <script> in the content, it is not run.

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Hi, @Pad_Pors! As I mentioned before:

In addition, perhaps this new plugin can suit to your needs:


does the plugin works with the new update of discourse?

I just updated the plugin for Ember 2.x. It will work on the latest version of Discourse if you use this fork.


Can we have more effect showing pictures?

I really want editable or automatic sidebars.

Like we can have a calendar showing the important things.

This is a Chinese Website which has Calendar and the activities just happened or about to happen.

Also we can have advertisement showing like blew.

If we can have the editable sidebar for ad presentation, it would be much easier to fund the forum.

The plugin not working on my site, when am installing it the website is going into a blank white page !!

Have you tried this?


i will try to see…

Thanks a lot, worked fine.

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