Dynamic Templates for plugin-outlet UIs

(mandar) #1

Hi All

I am trying to extend the discourse UI by leveraging the plugin-outlets. Currently trying to add a custom header on top of the discourse header by leveraging ‘above-site-header’ plugin-outlet. I would like to make this template dynamic based on the logged in user. I am not able to figure out which ember controller backs up the plugin-outlet templates. I would really appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction on this one. (I tried ApplicationController as the outlet sits in application.hbs, but no luck).


(Robin Ward) #2

As of our latest stable release, outlets can only receive access to the parameters passed into them, so you can’t access controller methods.

Instead you should use a connector class for your outlet. Additionally, you could just create a new ember component and use it in your connector – it should have this.currentUser to know about the current person who is logged in.

Taking it a step further, just in your template you should be able to say {{currentUser.username}} and find out things about your user in there too.

(mandar) #3

Hi Robin - Thanks so much for the quick reply. I will checkout the connector class.


(Robin Ward) #4