[Early-WIP] The Single-site App for Discourse

Hello everyone there. I’m writing a single-site app for discourse using expo now. Here’s my source code. You can think of it as a discourse app starter: everyone can create their own app for any discourse site they want.

The app can only view the latest 30 topics and their first 30 replies right now, but I’ll add the infinite scroll feature soon after.

Besides, the app would minimize the use of WebView to improve performance. Now we have 2 screens using webview:

  1. The login screen. Users can log in or sign up here. After they finished the procedure, the injected script would get the User API Key from the page and save it.
  2. The markdown editor screen, as I couldn’t find a good enough markdown editor in react-native. I used vditor as the markdown editor in my app.

Here’re some preview of it. (some sensitive information is removed from the pictures)

I would try to reduce texts in my app before i18n support was added, so that everyone can use it without learning Chinese :grin: .


Sorry, this doesn’t help you at all… but what is single-site app? Like app of Discourse but only for one site?

Personally I don’t like this style. It leads to situation where every site has its own app, when a browser (or something like common WordPress app or Discourse-app would spare time and space in every mobiles.

Yes, I know this is off topic in dev-category, but I’m so new I don’t know how, and where, such meta-topic should move :pleading_face:

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Is it anything like Lexicon? If so, I really like it! :grinning:

Yes, it is. I’ve never known that before. It seems that I reinvented the wheel. Thanks for your introduction about it.

The development of my app will continue, as a coding practice to me.