Easy deferring of digest frequency from unsubscribe page

Continuing the discussion from Improved unsubscribe workflow:

@nbianca recently added a couple of very slow digest options (monthly and half yearly)

I think it makes sense to add a special block to “unsubscribe” from digest page to allow users to quickly “tone down” the digest frequency. If people can push back something that is weekly to half yearly it may avoid the need to totally opt out of digests.


You are currently receiving digests weekly.
Change digest frequency: [weekly|monthly|half yearly] Apply

Stop receiving digest emails
Don’t send me any mail from Discourse Meta


I am not sure this will impact digest subscriptions, but it is nice to let people opt for less from the unsubscribe page, without totally getting off the bus.


Who is asking for this though? Every checkbox we add to prefs has a mental cost. Why not just automatically turn down the digest frequency for that user, instead of adding Yet Another Setting?

I think our lines are a bit crossed here:

My proposal is instead of:

To something like:

The difference here is that we communicate frequency on the unsubscribe page and nudge people to delay it a bit prior to jumping off the bus.


Oh, on that page. Yes that is a great idea! My bad.


cool … @Roman_Rizzi can you make this happen, not urgent at all, @awesomerobot can help with mockups.


I just opened a PR for this feature :slight_smile:

I took the liberty of doing some changes to the mockups, so I’d like some feedback

I removed the Stop sending me summary emails options since never is the default option in the frequency select and having the option to change the frequency and also disabling it was confusing.

Also renamed the Unsubscribe button to Save preferences since the user is not necessarily going to unsubscribe (This only changes when unsubscribing from email digest).

After updating preferences:

This view was also changed to be more vague since it’s not always an unsubscribe action.

Here’s the PR:



This is looking good, however you should always default the summary “one step down”

Getting it weekly? Default of the drop down is “monthly”. And so on.


I just changed it:

And reordered the options ranging from weekly to never:


This just got merged! :tada: