Set "default email digest frequency" to 3-4 days

I’d like to send the activity summary email to my users about every half-week (3 or 4 days). I don’t see an option to do so in the UI. Is there another way of setting this up.

We’ve found that one week is too long if someone has asked a question or is looking for feedback, but think that once a day might be too noisy for most people. Our forum caters to groups with divergent interests.

The site settings of interest is default email digest frequency but as you may have seen it only has a dropdown with frequency options of daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

Each of the frequency option are translated to a number of minutes, so selecting the weekly option sets the site setting value to 10,080. For the 3-4 days you mentioned you probably want to set it to something like 5,040.

I thought I’d be able to use Postman & the API and change it through there since the specific value isn’t exposed by the interface.

But i tried to use

& received an error response

    "errors": [

So now I’m kind of curious as well if theres another way around this or potentially some reason why the options for this setting are limited