Edit Trust Level 1 message

Hi guys, I wanted to check and see if it’s possible to edit/customize the automated message that users receive when they reach trust level 1?

Is it also possible for users to receive an automated message when they reach trust levels 2 and 3?


I think this is language you can set in the Customize->Text area of the admin. If you search for the language you should be able to pull it up and tweak it however you’d like it.


Awesome, thank you so much!


When users reach trust levels 2 and 3 they are awarded a badge and will receive a notification for the badge. For Trust Level 2, users are granted the Member badge. For Trust Level 3, they are granted the Regular badge. The notificaitons for these badges link to a description of the user’s new capabilities.

The badge descriptions can be edited through your Admin / Customize / Text Content section.

There is a discussion about sending PMs for trust level 2 and 3 promotions here: Send Promotion PMs.


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