Send message when a user reaches tl2

when a user reaches tl2, he only gets a badge, while he gets access to some exciting features like sending invitations. usually they are a valuable group of users for a forum, who can easily go toward becoming the top users.

it’d be great if the automatic message is also available to these users, so that community managers can use some exciting gamification there.

it may be a similar feature as the one available for TL0 to TL1 transition.


Hmm yeah I guess TL2 is the only trust level that doesn’t send a congrats / educational PM at this point. TL3 always has, and we added one for TL1 to encourage new users.


does it? :thinking:

I guess I haven’t seen any such message in our forum.

Maybe I was thinking of access to the Lounge, but it might be better for TL3 to be a PM anyways, what do you think @erlend_sh because I know the Lounge category has had mixed results.


any chance in the coming updates TL2 and TL3 users also get an auto-PM from an admin, as they reach that level, just like TL1?

p.s: at the moment, TL2 gets one but from the robot, which is less human-like. an automatic message from an admin would be much more encouraging.


This feature was implemented.