Edit URL into a topic title after creation?

On my forum, there are some topics built around various links. For some users, this thing is obvious, just paste the link to the topic title box, and the result works great, e.g.:

However, the problem is when users doens’t know/care about this feature, and paste the url into the composer, not into the title.

And hence is my question: me, as a moderator/admin, how can i switch a regular topic to an url topic?

Side quest: there is a way to automatically add a tag to topic-links or at least search only on these topics?


(i have no idea how this feature is called though)

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At the moment I don’t think it is possible. @neil recently added the ability to remove an erroneously created “topic link”, so maybe that UI can be extended with an edit button at some point in the future.


Correct, there’s currently no way to go backwards from a topic to a link.

Is there a way we can make it more clear to your users that they could have pasted the link into the first field? The placeholder text says they can paste a link, so if they chose not to do that maybe they didn’t want the link.


I have no idea. The single user I’ve asked about this responded me that he simply didn’t noticed this feature.

Probably it is more like a habbit of 20+ years of classic forums, where users could enter only the title in the „title” box :slight_smile:


My language is Vietnamese, so, after i create topic, the link is been convert so ugly, not beautifull. Can i make up theme? And how?
Thank you!

Can you screenshot what you mean?


Are there any news on a feature to add a URL into an existing post?

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