Ability to modify or add a Featured Link (URL) to Topics after posting

The long standing but little known (by regular users) Featured Link functionality is very helpful. It would be more helpful (and visible) if there was the ability to edit or add a link.

Current functionality

When creating a new topic:

When you paste a URL directly into the Title field (as your first action in that field), the Title of the site is pulled through and you get a nice little link at the end of the title:

In addition the link is copied into the body of the post so it (hopefully) Oneboxes like this:


Once the link has been set, it can be removed by someone with edit privileges:

Screenshot 2022-08-12 11.36.49


  1. You cannot edit or change the link

  2. You cannot add a link subsequently

There is a workaround for both of these which involves diving into the Rails Console:

Feature Request

Could we please have a way in the UI to edit these featured links and add them later?