Editing onscreen welcome message

We set up an onscreen welcome message for new users as shown in this screenshot:

Now I can’t figure out how to edit the text!

I’m going around in circles looking for this. Can someone put me out of my misery and point me to the right place? :sweat_smile:

Thanks in advance.

Hello Viktor :wave:

Go to /admin/customize/site_texts and enter part of the welcome text there to search for it and edit it accordingly. Be sure to save it when done.

Thanks for the reply, but I already tried that. If I search for “navigating” (for example) it comes up empty handed.

Try searching for the whole text?

Or wait, how did you originally create that? Is that a banner or you edited one of the default messages that show up for new users?

It’s definitely not there under those texts.

I don’t really remember (it was 9 months ago…) but I guess it’s a banner? But if I search for “banner” under settings, it comes up with the “global notice”, which is blank, so it’s not that.

If it is a banner and you are an admin, you should see a Edit this banner >> link at the bottom, so maybe it is a theme customisation?

You can check your theme components and customisation and also search the forum for the text to see if it shows up.

How to create a banner explains how banners are created and how to edit them, so you can cross check what I mentioned to be certain.

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Yes! This is it.

I don’t have an ‘Edit this banner’ link because I dismissed it months ago, so I don’t even see it as admin any more.

But yes, it’s a banner created in the way that linked topic describes, so I’ve now found it!

Thanks for your patience @osioke :sweat_smile: I really appreciate all your help.


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On desktop, there is a link to the banner topic to edit. That might be omitted on mobile for space reasons? Yep, confirmed. That link is only on desktop:

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Thanks, Jeff, but that ‘Edit this banner’ link is only there if you haven’t already dismissed by the banner by clicking the X. Obviously doing so hides the banner – and therefore the edit link. The screenshot I posted was the view of a new user, not me as admin.

Anyway, Osioke solved this for me above, but thanks for taking the time.



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