Where do I edit the welcome banner?

I’m such a noob… I can’t find where to edit the welcome banner. Once a user has clicked the small x it disappears and never comes back… where are those settings also?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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It’s simply a topic that is made a welcome banner. Simply click right beside a topic to create a new one. (Sorry, I don’t know the exact wording for that menu, because I’m not using it in English.)

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(Here is a screenshot for English version :smiley:)

After you click Pin Topic there is the option to make it a banner :grinning:

I’m not sure about changing the behaviour/settings for once a user clicks the x to close it though :grin:

And for editing the welcome topic, I think the welcome topic is one of the first topics made by system by default, so you can go into system’s topics to find it again if you want to edit that :relaxed: but I’m not sure if that’s what you wanted :grin:


Thank you everyone! That has really helped!


Hey guys, I followed this thread and pinned a topic for a header, but it seems like the image size is restricted due to the fact that it’s in a post. Does that make sense? I’ve attempted to resize my image, but it’s still not filling the complete header space. Any thoughts/suggestions?



Use CSS to select the banner content and increase the image size.


Thank you for the suggestion Kane! I’m afraid it’s a little too technical for me tho. :frowning:

Hi @jami, I’m assuming you have access to the CCS?

Yours may look slightly different, however, it’s the same in principle. Click the ‘Customise’ tab and the then the theme you’re using

Then click the ‘edit CSS/HTML’

Pop your code in here

You will need to learn how to insert a picture into the code (if your banner is an image of course).

I use this area for my banner…

I have two banners, next to each other. This is the html I use…

&nbsp;<a href="INSERT LINK TO ARTICLE"><img src="INSERT LINK TO PICTURE" width="49%"> &nbsp;<a href="INSERT LINK TO ARTICLE"><img src="INSERT LINK TO PICTURE" width="49%">

If you create a post in your ‘staff’ area, called ‘site assets’, you can upload the pictures there and then copy the link for your banner.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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I’m so sorry that it too me to long to circle back and thank you!!!


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Hello @mattdamod is there different code for mobile banner as this code for some reason does not work?

Enter it in the same place but under ‘mobile’. I find that the width will need slight adjustment - depending on your image size.