Editor buttons for spoiler, poll, emoji?

@codinghorror @sam Are there any chances that buttons dedicated for spoilers, polls and emojis be included in the Post editor for upcoming updates?

Because even though it is easy to insert the aforementioned, without buttons, some normal users gets confused, especially those who are not accustomed to much forum environments much.


Before we do any of that, and I don’t like button explosions, we need basic formatting help somewhere.

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Well ya button explosion will give it a blog look and will make things more complicated , but it will be good to have a button which drops down to show more options like spoiler, poll, smileys and all? What you think? It will avoid the clutter of buttons.

IMHO a “help” modal type of thing for the composer might be a good idea.
Having an over-abundance of buttons won’t help reduce confusion for those “not accustomed”.

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Well, there is an editor button for Emoji now. I don’t think poll or spoiler are so important that they need that kind of elevation in the UI.

Hi Jeff,
It might be useful to have a button. For RTL layouts writing [spoiler][/spoiler] is problematic.

Plugin to add such is easy.


Thanks very, very much for this plugin, @cpradio! It was a must-have for my upcoming community, which is all about keeping secrets.

That plugin is no longer required. Spoiler is in the composer toolbar by default now:


Thanks, @jomaxro, but i’m wooing my users from another forum where they’ve got it as a first-tier button on their Composer, and i think having it there in my community will make for an easier transition.

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I’d be sure to test it (or hear from @cpradio) before you install that plugin on a live site. It hasn’t been updated since mid-2016, and Discourse has had quite a few changes since then. Quite possible it no longer works.

Almost certain it won’t work.

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It uh… fully works. :slight_smile: