Email auth problem

Hi all!
So I have discourse up and running fine on a docker, but I just can’t get it to work with a specific email. I get it to work with my private email running on a small server and with a gmail account.
But I need to get it to work with the official email.
When I use the official email then I get authentication errors and I cant find anywhere in any log what the exact problem is. in /admin/logs I can see errors but nothing that can help me.
The email works fin in thunderbird and mutt with tls etc.
So I have to assume that the mail server is setup ok.
I have read a million posts here and whatelse comes up in google and I am completely stuck.
any suggestions how to proceed?
where I can see exactly how the discourse server is trying to send the mail and what the problem is?

thanks in advance!

This is covered in extreme detail in the email troubleshooting topic linked from our standard install instructions.

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Most likely the email address that the forum is sending from is not one that you mail server is configured for.

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